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Gas station

We provide enough fuel for your vehicles

Smartpoint s.r.o. is engaged in the purchase of fuel and its distribution to business partners using its own delivery vehicles. The company also operates a petrol station on its premises, where it is possible to refuel diesel fuel, petrol and AdBlue, whether for cars or trucks.


In the maintenance complex our customers can use services of automatic carwash for all classes of vehicles (classic washing, shampooing , drying and waxing, which treats and promotes longevity of car). For cleaning of hardly accessible parts we also offerhigh pressure car washer. Cleaning of the exterior is provided for with rotating brushes which work in various directions.

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Smartpoint s.r.o.
43 938 680
SK 20 22 535735

Továrenská 2396/15
901 01 Malacky
Slovenská republika


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Richard Bilko
+421 (0) 905 43 53 17

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