We take care of vehicle parking and storage of goods

The company provides for rent a spacious area for parking vehicles and trucks and storage space in Malacky, Veľké Leváry and Gajaro located only 8 km from the district town of Malacky with good access to the motorway feeder.

  • Warehouse area Malacky: 850 m² and 600 m²
  • Warehouse height: 10,5 m
  • Outside warehouse area: 120 000 m²

  • Warehouse area Veľké Leváre: 23 thousand m²
  • Warehouse height: 16 m
  • Outside warehouse area: 120 000 m²
  • 11 doors with a height of 5 m (drive in system)

  • Warehouse area in Gajary: 6 thousand m²
  • Warehouse height: 6 m
  • Outside storage area: 20 000 m²
  • 2 gates with a height of 4 m (drive in system)

  • The warehouse buildings are equipped with a loading ramp (length 12 m), have good access for loading/unloading/parking of trucks.
  • The premises can be variably arranged / divided according to the client’s requirements.
  • The smooth concrete floor allows easy handling with forklifts.
  • Unrestricted access – the premises are open 24 hours a day.
  • Warehouses are guarded by security and monitored by CCTV.
  • Data services in place – internet.
  • In close proximity to the warehouses there are sanitary facilities (toilet/shower) and office space. Residential units are also available.
  • The premises are suitable for large warehouses, logistics, etc.

Storage – additional services

  • transport (thanks to permits 365 days a year in Slovakia and the Czech Republic)
  • labelling
  • repair and maintenance of pallets (cleaning, galvanizing, sandblasting, varnishing, etc.)
Továrenská 2396/15B,
901 01 Malacky
Areál Dolečky
900 61 Gajary
Veľké Leváre, Areál,
908 73 Veľké Leváre

Conversion of the resin brewhouse into a modern control centre

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Smartpoint s.r.o.
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Továrenská 2396/15
901 01 Malacky
Slovenská republika


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